Everyone at Force Field Entertainment gets to Jam

Imagine a game company that has a Game Jam every year. Sound too good to be true? Well not at Force Field.

Right before the Christmas break, the company takes a week to do nothing but chase their dreams.

The whole team including HR, accounting, admin and, of course, the dev team pitch their ideas. The team then votes to identify the best 5 or 6 ideas, and multi-disciplinary groups are created for a week of full on, fun, creative, game jamming.

Doing a Game Jam in the studio means having access to all the company support and infrastructure, including our tools, codebases and assets from our released projects, but without the constraint of commercial expectations.

The teams also get a small budget to use at their discretion, for additional assets or even morale boosting beer and balloons.

Some of the prototypes that have come out of the Game Jam have been developed into award winning titles. Coaster Combat and Picture Party VR are a couple worth mentioning.

Force Field understands the need for self-expression and the yearly Game Jam fosters the team’s creativity and provides a space to explore their ideas without having to sacrifice their personal time.

Why would Force Field do this for their employees? Well they’ve discovered it’s a great way to wrap up the year and to renew everyone’s creative juices for the challenges to come.

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