Bringing Coaster Combat to the Oculus Quest

Hi everyone!

After getting some great responses to our announcement on bringing Coaster Combat to Oculus Quest, we wanted to share more details about it!

We released the original Coaster Combat game on Samsung Gear VR in late 2017 and on Oculus Go in early 2018. It did great on both platforms, with solid 4+ user ratings and hundreds of thousands of downloads. When the Oculus Quest came out in 2019 a lot of fans reached out, asking us for a port. We loved the idea but also wanted to improve as much user feedback as possible. A straightforward port just wouldn’t cut it!

Here’s what we ended up doing.

Dual Wielding

Gear VR and Go were 3DOF devices with only one hand controller… meaning only the rotation of head and hand was tracked, not position. Oculus Quest features 6DOF tracking on head and both hands. The moment we put a weapon in both hands we had more than twice the fun, so we kept it!

Difficulty Settings

The introduction of a second weapon threw our difficulty balance way off though – we found the rides to be way too easy now! However, when we had some more casual players test it, they really liked it! That’s when we decided to implement an easy and hard difficulty setting – and even a “ride only” setting for users less interested in gameplay!

More Competition

Our play sessions with casual and experienced players often ended up in bragging sessions, with players quoting their scores without any evidence to back it up! So, we built a way for both local and online players to save their scores and compete. It was a huge success at our Friday afternoon coaster competitions!

Gold Rush Mode

Some of our users wished there was more longevity to the game. We believed the improved competition would provide it, but single players should remain interested too! We revamped Gold Rush mode to become a long-term challenge with some delicious rewards waiting to be unlocked.

Additional Ride: Neon Nights

Last but not least, who doesn’t want more content? Dedicated to providing a very different experience from the other rides, the team came up with a futuristic city, where you are a renegade on a neon motorcycle, illegally riding on top of a monorail while collecting cash and outrunning the law!

As you can see, we did much more than simply port the game to Oculus Quest. We’re having a lot of fun with this new version and we hope you will too! Leave us a note if you do!

Edwin van Gessel Game Director @ Force Field