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Are you nearing the completion of your education, and are you looking for an intern position? Look no further! Force Field VR offers you the opportunity to work on amazing unannounced projects together with a team of experienced professionals. 

As an intern at Force Field VR you become a core part of a game development team and will work alongside the other artists, programmers, designers, producers and quality assurance engineers on our games. You will be responsible for working on core game features for shippable products, both through your own work and in close collaboration with experienced developers as a member of our multidisciplinary teams.



For a programming internship it’s important to have a solid foundation and hands-on experience with C++. We expect you have further developed your C++ knowledge in your spare time and that you can show school and hobby projects that demonstrate your level and expertise.


A 3D animation intern should first and foremost show knowledge and skill on the animation essentials: weight, mass, balance, timing, emotion etc. Your portfolio must prove a solid understanding and a keen eye for these. It’s also important you’re familiar with creating animated content for games: using 3D software (Maya preferred), rigging and skinning, exporting to a game engine (Unity and UE4 preferred).


You will be a member of one of the development teams, and you will be able to contribute to Force Fields ambitious projects with innovative ideas. You will learn the ins and out of game development by coming up with new concepts and mechanics and implementing your own ideas as well as those from others. Previous experience with toolsets such as Unity and Unreal 4 is a must.



You will conduct functional and qualitative testing of builds and tools and will be reporting issues into a bug tracking database in concise, accurate and readable manner.



As a marketing intern, you will be actively involved in Force Field’s presence on social media and its website, as well as live events to promote the company’s line of products. You will be directly engaging with the different communities connected to Force Field’s games and experiences, managing their expectations and requests as well as funnelling back input and feedback to different stakeholders within Force Field. If you are a social media socialite, have a strong affinity with games and/or VR technology, a background in marketing and / or communication, then you should consider running an internship at Force Field.



The production intern will assist the producers on the game projects, helping them out with solving issues, tracking the team’s work, the Scrum process, and facilitating the development teams. He/she will need to be highly organized, a good communicator and have a sharp mind. Experience with Excel, JIRA or other project management tools is a plus.


IT Support Intern:

Force Field, a Virtual Reality video games development studio in Amsterdam, is looking for an IT Support Intern. The IT Support Intern assists Force Field’s system administrator in making sure all the company’s IT systems are functional and all game developers and other personnel can do their work. This includes maintaining software, PCs, development hardware and networking. Additionally, the IT Support Intern will be available to assist in setting up external Virtual Reality demonstrations



Send us an email with the following information (in English) to interns@forcefieldvr.com :

  • Your CV;
  • A Motivation letter;
  • Your portfolio.

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