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Senior VFX Artist

Amsterdam | 40h

The Senior VFX Artist creates amazing real-time visual effects, using both existing and innovative techniques. VFX techniques can be shader effects and animations, particle systems, precomputed simulations, prerendered texture sequences (flipbooks), post FX etc. The ideal candidate is a one-man VFX army, able to do all of the above while considering performance limitations of VR hardware.




  •  Create high quality VFX in a range of techniques and styles;

  •  Research and implement new, innovative VFX techniques;

  • Monitoring VFX impact on performance and adjusting accordingly.





  • Strong artistic insight and feeling for timing and animation;

  •  Strong technical insight; from content creation to getting it to run in a game;

  •  Deep knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 shaders, blueprint, particle systems, etc.;

  • Good understanding of performance implications and optimizations;

  • Modeling and texturing abilities;

  • Strong knowledge of pixel and vertex shaders;

  • Experience with Houdini.




  • Substance Painter & Designer experience;

  • Knowledge of MEL and Python;

  • Programming skills in C++ and/or C#;

  •  Understanding of CGFX and/or HLSL shader languages.





  • You have a passion for creating real-time rendered visual effects and are constantly looking to improve existing techniques;
  • You have an interest in both technical systems and aesthetics, and how they influence each other;
  • Your background is in games or related fields, with multiple years of experience.





  • Working in a creative and quality driven environment with enthusiastic colleagues;
  • A great spot to learn and share knowledge;
  • Benefits according to experience and job;
  • A healthy work-life balance;
  • Studio location in the heart of Amsterdam.




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