The Senior UI artist is responsible for the aesthetics and behavior of the UI in our VR games and experiences. Working closely together with Game Designers, he/she also plays a vital role in the UX design, ensuring the user is presented with a visually beautiful and easy-to-understand experience.


  • Define the visual UI style and behavior and document this in a style guide;
  • Iterate and validate your designs through functional mock-ups;
  • Ensure a solid UX design and flow through a structured way of thinking;
  • Create and animate 2D and 3D UI assets and implement these in the game engine;
  • Safeguard an optimal end user experience.


  • 3+ years as a UI artist in the game or related industry;
  • Expert understanding of UI design principles like priority, weight, form, color etc.;
  • Experience in 2D and 3D content creation for UIs (Photoshop and Maya preferred);
  • Experience with implementing UI content in Unity and/or UE4;
  • Good understanding of Unreal Blueprint for rapid prototyping and validating designs
  • Great affinity with the UI/UX field
  • A user-centered approach to ensure clarity and readability in designs.


  • 3D modeling and/or animation background;
  • Experience with spatial UI/UX design;
  • A passion for emerging technologies like VR, AR and MR;
  • Concept art skills;
  • Passionate about games with an ability to analyze competitive products for their strengths and weaknesses.


  • You are highly communicative;
  • You are not afraid of creative clashes;
  • You think outside the box;
  • You can adapt to different visual styles;
  • You are a creative & methodical thinker;
  • You are able to iterate upon your designs autonomously or with limited support;


  • Working in a creative and quality driven environment with enthusiastic colleagues;
  • A great spot to learn and share knowledge;
  • Benefits according to experience and job;
  • A healthy work-life balance;
  • Studio location in the heart of Amsterdam.

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