Intermediate 3D Animator

Animators bring movement and life to our games and experiences; through the characters and the world they inhabit. The intermediate animator is skilled at creating gameplay and story-telling animation through keyframe and mo-cap editing, meeting the needs of the game engine, the game’s design and the artistic direction.


  • Create high quality character, creature and object animations that meet the stylistic requirements
  • Work with game designers to assist in implementing animations into the game engine
  • Collaborate with technical animators to help improve and maintain the animation pipeline


  • 2+ Years of using Maya and its animation tools
  • Practical experience in both hand-keyed and mo-cap animation techniques
  • A solid understanding of body motion, physics, IK and FK
  • A keen eye for movement, squash and stretch, anticipation, overshoot, follow-through etc.
  • A portfolio showcasing a variety of high-quality 3D animations, such as characters, creatures, and sequences


  • 2+ Years of game industry experience
  • Experienced with implementing animation content in Unreal Engine 4
  • Knowledge of rigging and skinning
  • Knowledge of scripting (MEL, Python or similar)
  • 2D Animation skills


  • A company culture that values a healthy work-life balance
  • Studio location in the heart of Amsterdam
  • Flexible working hours
  • Benefits according to experience and job
  • 26 Standard vacation days with an option to buy 5 more
  • An onsite canteen offering an inexpensive healthy lunch
  • Up to 30% income tax reduction for eligbile expats
  • Relocation cost compensation depending on your situation
  • Free pension plan
  • Free train commuting when living outside of Amsterdam
  • Group activities and an annual VR game jam
  • Friday afternoon drinks
  • The latest VR hardware which you can borrow and take home

For this vacancy we only consider candidates that are eligible to work in the EU (no visa required).

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