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'TERM1NAL' Launches for Gear VR


After the success of ‘Landfall’ for the Rift, Force Field now launches the high-production game ‘TERM1NAL’ for Gear VR. 


Expectations for TERM1NAL were high coming out of GDC, where the developer showed an early version of the stealth action puzzler, with UploadVR saying it was “shaping up to become one of the most polished campaigns on Mobile VR.”


Today, we take you behind the scenes with Force Field Chief Creative Officer Martin de Ronde to learn more about the game and how they pushed Mobile VR boundaries. 



Can you describe the world and story in which the game takes place?

You play Flynn Lightman, a highly skilled Avatar Pilot who can control androids from the safety of his apartment using advanced VR hardware. You are contacted by a client to infiltrate STRIDE Industries, a company that specializes in data security and advanced robotics. Your journey takes you into the depths of a heavily defended, high-tech facility as you discover its darker intent.


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Why did you choose the name TERM1NAL? What does it mean?

With TERM1NAL we hint at impending doom for humanity. Set in the near future, the world in which Flynn lives is one where the lines between the synthetic and the authentic are blurred. It’s unclear how this will end for humanity.

In the game Flynn also encounters different types of terminals which he has to hack to proceed. Those puzzles range from disrupting networks by unplugging cables, deciphering codes or connecting nodes to guide power through a console.


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What were the inspirations for the game? Any particular games or genres that you based the game on?

We were inspired by a world on the brink of being dominated by big digital companies and self-aware AI. Movies like iRobot, Ghost in the Shell, Ex Machina and The Matrix were an inspiration.


It seems like a little companion joins you on your journey?

That’s R.EXE, a bit of an over enthusiastic robot dog which Flynn runs into when infiltrating STRIDE industries. He isn’t just tagging along, he is turns out to be quite useful when hacking your way through the facility.


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Why did you choose to make this game in VR? What does VR contribute to the game experience?

We wanted to create an immersive stealth and action game in which you can feel the tension of what it would be like to sneak into a large corporation. During some of the hacking sequences, you constantly have to look over your shoulder in first person to make sure you are not detected by the patrolling guards. 


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What have been the biggest challenges in working on this VR specifically?

Comfort has always been our main priority. We don’t move the camera to create the most comfortable experience, but this also means that every part of the environment needs to be observable without moving around too much. In the tricky puzzles you switch to a first person mode that really raises the stress level to solve the puzzle before a guard spots you.

I believe we did a really good job in offering a comfortable and intriguing game with hours of gameplay that contains some real hair raising, high tension moments to enjoy!


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Which control options are supported?

We support gamepads as well as the Gear VR controller. Initially TERM1NAL was designed for the gamepad, but we took some extra time to support the new Gear VR controller as well.


Ready to sneak your way through STRIDE Industries along with R.EXE? Get TERM1NAL now for Gear VR in the Oculus Store.



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