Play the complete game for free on Friday 28th through Sunday 30th during the Landfall free weekend.
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Landfall free weekend


As part of the Summer of Rift, twin stick action shooter Landfall will be free to play this weekend! You can play the complete game—including the single-player and co-op campaigns as well as online multiplayer mode—for free from 10 am PT on July 28 through 10 am PT on July 31th.

But that’s not all! As an extra treat, three brand new Striders will be added over the course of this week. You can already unlock the first, ‘Arclight’ which will be followed by ‘Sapper’ during the free weekend and ‘Snowcone’ after the event has closed!


We from Force Field are challenging you to beat us in a multiplayer match during our Twitch event Friday 7pm – 10pm CET / 2pm – 5pm ET / 11am – 2pm PT.  So, keep an eye out for players with the usernames P1ForceField, P2ForceField, P3ForceField, P4ForceField and P5ForceField. If you beat one of us, take screenshot of the match scores, post it to the

Landfall Facebook page and claim your bragging rights!


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