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'TERM1NAL' for Gear VR at GDC 2017


Did you go to GDC last week and visited the Oculus booth? Then you must have seen Force Field’s upcoming Gear VR title ‘TERM1NAL’ for the first time! GDC visitors were able to check out the first levels of this stealth action puzzler at the public demo. Oculus and Force Field representatives were delighted with the many positive reactions on this early version of the game.


In TERM1NAL players submerge in the story and play the role of Flynn Lightman, a hacker extraordinaire. You are contracted by a mysterious woman to infiltrate the offices of STRIDE Industries — the world’s most successful (and well guarded) data security and robotics firm on the planet. Getting the information you need from STRIDE can only be done by taking over the controls of a temperamentally experimental new robot model. Operating her remotely, you’re able to use this robot to sneak past STRIDE security, hack terminals, unlock doors and maybe even unlock something even more important: the truth.


TERM1NAL at GDC 2017


You play TERM1NAL on the Gear VR using a bluetooth gamepad or with the upcoming Gear VR motion controller.

Camera perspectives are mostly through a 3rd person and bird’s eye view as you have to observe your android through the office’s CCTV cameras. Walking from room to room triggers new camera angles.

However, certain actions will trigger a first person viewing mode in which you have operate quickly while keeping aware of your surroundings.

STRIDE is filled with robots and drones that patrol in almost every area of the facility. Finding your way passed them and remain unseen demands some crafty stealth skills. Since you don’t carry any weapons you’ll need to find other tactics to reach your objectives.

“I had the chance to play Term1nal in its first ever public demo at GDC 2017. The games designers emphasized that the game was still quite early in development, but from what I saw its already shaping up to be one of the most polished and enjoyable campaigns available on a mobile VR platform.” Joe Durbin – UploadVR


“Is that a dog?”

When taking control of an android, infiltrating a notorious robotics firm while your mysterious client forces you into ethical discomfort, a small robot dog comes a bit as a surprise to some of the players. Your little companion is – however - of high importance for reaching your objectives. He plays a vital role in making your way through the complex facility. Or as Joe Durbin described:


“Towards the end of the demo I also found the “key” I had been searching for. This key was actually an adorably eager robot dog that, once I introduced myself, became bonded to me and would follow my every command. I could use my new, synthetic K9 friend to distract guards, unlock previously inoperable doors and otherwise go wherever I ordered him to. He wasn’t given a name in the game but I like to call him Joe Jr. I love him."  Joe Durbin – UploadVR



"There were also a variety of puzzle terminals that I needed to access and complete. Often times these logical brain-teasers had to be completed while keeping one eye on and avoiding the gaze of a lumbering robot guard. The few that I saw were creative and satisfyingly challenging and indicate that Term1nal should end up being an enjoyable game for the more intellectually minded VR gamer.” Joe Durbin – UploadVR

TERM1NAL is currently scheduled for a release in Q2 of this year. Follow Force Field’s social media channels to keep track of new developments.

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