'Coaster Combat' announced at OC4


Oculus and Force Field reveal crazy roller coaster action game Coaster Combat at Oculus Connect 4, with a demo of the game playable on the show floor!


Get ready for the ultimate interactive roller coaster ride! Coaster Combat is a unique new take on experiencing a roller coaster in VR, taking all the best elements of a virtual theme park thrill ride and fusing them with action game mechanics.




With a variety of different weapons, players are faced with the task of hitting as many collectibles as possible during the ride, turning a traditional roller coaster journey into a thrilling game that challenges players to get ever better high scores, again and again. 




Coaster Combat features procedurally generated tracks, a variety of different themes, enemies that try and steal your loot along the way and randomized collectibles, ensuring no two rides are ever the same. Better still, you can challenge your friends with great score runs, turning the joy of roller coaster riding into a competitive way of life!


A demo of the game is playable at OC4 on the show floor, featuring one of the themes that will be available at launch: Cursed Castle!



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